The plant based instrument is a modular synthesizer that is placed in nature, and that plays the rhythm of the patterns from it’s environment. All music and visuals are generated by microscopes and sensors, placed on the plants and their surroundings. The leaf structures and growth patterns function as a sequencer for the synthesizer. The natural occurring patterns that happen all around us, like the wind patterns, landscapes, sun position and colour, are observed, captured and re-arranged to create a sound.
The houseplants turn into musicians that play a raw beat, which ultimately can be turned into music with a little help from a performer. The setup works as a laboratory that helps the performer to extract the patterns into danceable music.

The performer takes on the role of translator of the patterns out of the plants and environment, or he can help people to do this themselves, and thus make an unexpected connection with the plants and music that they help create.

Concept:  Stan Smeets
Design & Art direction:  Stan Smeets
Motion Design: Stan Smeets

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