MacroMotion design jungle

Sticks and Circus Family have joined forces once more for Sticks’ first live performance in years. This special collaboration involves an extended set of responsive visuals incorporating real-time camera input, layered typography, custom edits, and motion design for Sticks’ “Alles Over Hoop” (Everything About Hope) Tour. Each visual element is meticulously programmed to synchronize seamlessly with the music’s beats and breaks, with both audio and video being triggered through Ableton Software by DJ Kubus.
As a lead-up to the tour, the three-screen installation was utilized to craft a live music video installation for the track “En Toch” (And Yet) from the album. This audiovisual creation underscores and comments on the absurdity of our daily reality, drawing its inspiration from the track’s themes. All visuals in this installation are generated live and in real-time, incorporating the latest Dutch news livestreams and RSS headlines. While Sticks’ lyrics continue to echo our current status quo, the visuals undergo constant transformation.
Live Visuals & Installation
with Kubus,Circus family & Cas Dekker

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