Humans have been central to our worldview for centuries.
Fifteen HKU alumni enter into collaboration with nature in Nature Talks. This new Fundatie Future Factory exhibition shows other ways of dealing with the world.

The Plant-based instrument 2.0 was on display between April and August 2022 in the sculpture garden of Museum de Fundatie at kasteel het Nijenhuis. Once a month and the week of Fundatie summer stage festival, I was present at the greenhouse for the full day to introduce people to the system and to enter into a dialogue with them about the connection between people and nature. Thus, the installation was constantly evolving during this period.
The films and music produced in the greenhouse have been exhibited in the museum along with the film about the first version of the installation.
The documentary about the exhibition can be seen HERE.

Concept:  Stan Smeets
Design & Art direction:  Stan Smeets
Motion Design: Stan Smeets
Location and exhibition: museum de Fundatie Zwolle
Film: Lester Kamstra

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